Tacky Tuesday

rfFeaturing the finest gift items from your local Christian megastore…

The Bible has never been so relevant.  In addition to the boring stories and letters about God and stuff, you can get music reviews and learn about girls, cash, and cars (success in aforementioned not guaranteed).  Only $4.99 for Refuel:  The Complete New Testament.


Monday Puritan Quotes

“The one principle end of the ministry is to beget man anew unto God.” – Anthony Burgess

Political News of the Day

Palin resigns


Sanford doesn’t



A good set of priorites.  Though one one might suggest that the coach add “spelling” to the list.

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Wisdom from a Snapple Lid

“A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories”Snapple “real fact” #102

Donuts and Beer

An interesting bit of trivia –

At the recent Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, KY many hotel bars were shut down due to low sales.  But there was an unusual spike in the sales of donuts.

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Tacky Tuesday

Featuring the finest gift items from your local Christian megastore…gigt

God is good!  And…apparently has really big teeth.  Get the Smiley Ichthus 2 t-shirt while you still can.  Only $9.99.