Blogs (Annotated and Expanded)

Adrian Warnock – Lay pastor, blogger extraordinaire, and genuinely nice person.  I had the opportunity to visit Adrian’s church once when I was in London and speak with him for awhile.  Definitely as genuine and personable in real life as he seems on the web (also very tall).

Al Mohler –

Between Two Worlds – The blog of Justin Taylor.  Whatever it is, you probably heard it here first.

Tim Challies – Tim has one of the most popular blogs on the Christian blogosphere.  His book reviews are a must read.  He recently wrote an extremely valuable book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment.

Christus Nostrum Vita – The blog of Kent Dresdow, one of the pastors at my church.  Kent’s one of the brightest people I know.  Well worth your time.

Fide-O – Jason Robertson, pastor of Murietta Valley Church in Southern California.  Always has something interesting to read.

Internet Monk – Michael Spencer.  There are a handful of things that I will always disagree with him about.  But he has the habit of regularly hitting one out of the park.  I am frequently challenged by his site.

James MacDonald –

Jonathan Moorhead –

Lawn Gospel

Parchment and Pen –


Useful Websites

Alpha & Omega Ministries

Crossway Books – You can find good books from almost any publisher, but with Crossway, you’ll have trouble finding a bad one.


The Discerning Reader – Should be your first stop for book reviews.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Spurgeon Archives


Audio Resources


desiringGod – John Piper’s entire career on audio.  All for free.

Grace to You –

Truth for Life –

Bible Courses

Biblical Training – Great set of basic to seminary level courses.  Highlights include two semesters of Systematic Theology taught by Bruce Ware.  Free

Reformed Theological Seminary – Also available on iTunes.  Free

Bookstores – Still my first stop.  Offers convenience, great prices, and an almost exhaustive selection –

Monergism Books –

Westminster Books –


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