Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Are you planning to move here?  It’s always hard to find a good church in a new place.

I’ve listed several churches here that I would recommend that you check out if you are looking for a new church home.

This list is really based on the churches that I feel match up with my theological convictions, and I have limited my recommendations to churches that meet the following criteria:

1.  Holds to the 5 solas of the reformation (sola scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria)

2.  Is led by a plurality of elders

3.  Holds a complementarian view of gender roles

4.  Practices Biblical Counseling rather than counseling rooted in secular phychology

5.  Generally, I will recommend baptistic churches (i.e. those that do not practice infant baptism).  However, I may list some Presbyterian churches (especially if they are the only ones I know of in a certain geographical area).

6.  Generally, churches on the list will be cessationist in relation to signs and wonder gifts, though this is not a criteria.  I would recommend churches in the Sovereign Grace network if I hear of any in the area.

Some of the churches will be ones that I am very familiar with either by personal experience or by knowing people who attend.  The churches that I can recommend without reservation, I will mark with an asterix (*).  Others are ones that I have heard of and looked at their website, and if I were new to the area would be high on my list to visit.

Disclaimer:  There are other churches in the Bay Area besides the ones I will list here.  Some are very good.  However, I am not just creating a list of evangelical churches.  This list is limited to ones that I would feel comfortable in.  To make this list, they must conform to the criteria that I have outlined above.


NorthCreek Church * – This is my home church.  It is a fairly large church (about 1,100 attend worship services every Sunday).  The Sr. Pastor, Dr. Jon McNeff is an expositor of God’s word and delivers solid messages week after week.  The rest of the pastoral staff is also outstanding.  It’s really hard to believe that we are blessed with so many talented people.

There is an extensive children’s ministry, a Biblical Counseling center, and a Master’s College extension that teaches college level coursework for credit or audit.

NorthCreek is my highest recommendation.

Grace Bible Church, Pleasant Hill * – If I hadn’t already been involved in NorthCreek, I would probably go here.  It’s actually closer to my house, and I have many friends who attend (including our next door neighbors.)  I listen to the podcast of the sermons regularly, and would recommend the church to anyone without any reservation.  It is a medium sized church, and I believe about 500 people regularly attend.




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