Wisdom from a Snapple lid

“Fish cough”Snapple “real fact” #38


Monday Puritan Quote

“The gospel is not an announcement that God has relaxed his justice or lowered the standard of His holiness.” – Arthur Pink

Wisdom from a Snapple lid

“The first sailing boats were built in Egypt.”Snapple “real fact” #177

Blog Progress

Thanks for your patience with the blog as I have been (slowly) building some of the permanent resource pages.  I’m getting closer to finishing off some of the pages.

I’m especially excited about the catechism page, which, by design, will develop slowly over the next couple of years.  Also, the churches page gives some recommendation of churches that I would consider as being like-minded to my convictions.  My links page will eventually be fully annotated and hopefully full of useful resources in various categories.

Thanks for coming by in the meantime!

Monday Puritan Quotes

“According to the measure of our faith, so shall the measure of our peace be.” – Arthur Hildersham

Happy Birthday, John Calvin

john_calvinOn July 10, 1509, John Calvin was born in Noyon, France.  Today is the 50oth anniversary of his birth.

Growing up in a fundamentalist, Baptist church I rarely heard the name of Calvin mentioned, and when I did it was generally as pejoritive.  Most of my life, I associated Calvin (and Calvinism) with a sub-Christian, anti-Evangelical tinge.

However, in the last six years or so, I have come to deeply appreciate Calvin and his teachings.

So it is appropriate on this day to remember one of the greatest influences in the history of theology, and arguably in the development of Western society.

Wisdom from a Snapple lid

“One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.”Snapple “real fact” #168