Happy Birthday, John Calvin

john_calvinOn July 10, 1509, John Calvin was born in Noyon, France.  Today is the 50oth anniversary of his birth.

Growing up in a fundamentalist, Baptist church I rarely heard the name of Calvin mentioned, and when I did it was generally as pejoritive.  Most of my life, I associated Calvin (and Calvinism) with a sub-Christian, anti-Evangelical tinge.

However, in the last six years or so, I have come to deeply appreciate Calvin and his teachings.

So it is appropriate on this day to remember one of the greatest influences in the history of theology, and arguably in the development of Western society.


6 Responses

  1. Calvin…It is amazing that after 500yrs after his birth that plenty of christians wither scholars or not continue to read and study his writings. Everything from his magnum opus the Institures to his commentaries. Nice Blog i like the tittle its catchy and original. God bless. I’ll check back again

  2. Calvin, was like many others, a man willing in the hands of his God. What might we have done, without God’s grace poured out through this man? It is amazing to me that He uses this unlikely medium to proclaim both His nature and redemption.

    Great blog.

    • @Michael,

      Thanks for dropping by, and for the comment. Calvin certainly had his flaws (as do we all), but God used him in a mighty way and greatly blessed our understanding of scripture.

  3. If you want to read about John Calvin from the Jewish perspective and his assault against the true messiah of Israel Marcus Julius Agrippa read Stephan Huller’s blog entry at http://www.stephanhuller.blogspot.com entitled ‘the Day of John Calvin the accursed, may his bones be ground into the dust.’ It will help round your opinion of this accursed man.

    May his bones truly be ground into dust.


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