Now Here’s What the Gospel is REALLY About…

Who would you attribute the following quote to?

“I know when (WIFE) and I used to travel with my father overseas, a lot of times we would go over a few days early, and it was amazing how many times we would get upgraded to first class.  When I’d go up to that counter I’d kid with (WIFE) and I’d say “Watch this!  We’re going to get upgraded.”  And I’d go there expecting to get preferential treatment.  I’d go up there knowing that I have an advantage, I’ve got the favor of God…when I’d go up there I’d just smile real big and be real friendly and that whole time under my breath I’d be saying “Father, I thank you that I have your favor.  I thank you that you’re causing me to stand out in the crowd.  I thank you that your light is shining down on me.”  And (WIFE) will tell you that time after time, for no reason at all, they’d bump us up to first class.  See, that’s the favor of God…That’s God’s favor giving us preferential treatment.”


7 Responses

  1. I have written so much about this I won’t go into it here, but it makes me sick, sick, sick I tell ‘ya…

  2. awww….I was gonna guess Joel, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    I wonder what happened to that “favor” on thier infamous near-plane ride?

  3. Matt wins the prize. It was Joel Osteen.

  4. Joel Osteen

  5. Hank, you’re warm. I’ll wait for a few more guesses before revealing the name.

  6. I guess the world’s starving poor and those suffering all kinds of abuse just aren’t smiling enough or being friendly enough to attract the favor of God.

    I don’t know who said it but I could come up with a whole list of guesses.

  7. Sounds exactly like something I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say before, but then she would have to be the WIFE in this quote and that wouldn’t work…

    Hmmm….I must say, I’m kind of afraid to find out…

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