Chuck, The Cussing Pastor?

Apparently, VCY Radio, birthplace of Slice of Laodicea, has pulled Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living off of its stations. It seems that over the past seven years, Chuck has used words such as “heck,” “crap,” “balls,” and worst of all, “buns” in his broadcasts. He also apparently defied a mandatory Christian boycott of Disney by endorsing The Lion King.

This makes me very concerned about my own speech. Hopefully, one of our favorite watchblogs will publish a comprehensive list of words that we can’t say, because I have to tell you “buns” wasn’t even close to being on my radar screen. I mean, for example, should I now only eat hamburger “rolls?” But (can I say “but?”) doesn’t “roll” have some sort of illicit sexual connotation?

Don’t get me wrong. VCY can do whatever the heck (sorry) they want with programming. If a show doesn’t fit their philosophy, they have every right not to have it on their stations. But (whoops, said it again) what concerns me is the propensity of some blogs to apostatize everyone for the silliest reasons. Maybe, I’m jaded because I live in California, but I’m not the least bit offended by any of the words that Chuck used.

These are the kind of things that make blogging unpleasant. It’s really a load of … refuse.

Anyway, here are some other blogs commenting on the subject…

Chris Freeland
Verum Serum
Monday Morning Insight
Michael Spencer


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  1. I live in the Bible Belt and I’m not offended by such words either.

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