On the iPod…

Wondering where to spend your next $10 iTunes gift certificate? Here are some suggestions for some obscure but (in my opinion) really good songs (I’m not sure that they are all available on iTunes, though)…

1. Strong Hand of Love – Bruce Cockburn – Cockburn’s cover of the Mark Heard song.

2. Stairway to Heaven – Dolly Parton – Yes, I know, but it’s really good (just don’t play it backwards).

3. I Don’t – Danielle Peck – It’s clever, corny, and strangely profound.

4. Fire – The Basics – From the excellent indie folk rock band.

5. Heart of Gold – Not the Neil Young version (though that’s wonderful as well), but Johnny Cash’s cover. A new spin on a classic.

6. Redemption Song – And while we are talking about Johnny Cash covering other artists, check out his interpretation of the Bob Marley standard.

7. Oh Atlanta – Alison Krauss – I’ve been listening to this a lot recently. Alison’s version of the Bad Company song.

8. If It All Comes True – Chagall Guevara – Steve Taylor’s short lived crossover band. Best song on their only (but critically acclaimed) album.

9. Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Bruce Cockburn – More from the Canadian sort of-Christian folk rocker.

10. A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls – This song rocks!


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