Life Is Starting To Get Back To Normal…

Well, as I mentioned last week, I returned from a whirlwind trip across Europe and Bermuda for work (five countries in ten days – England, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Bermuda for the record.)

I do this trip or variations of it every year, but this year seemed longer for some reason. Perhaps it was because I spent the better part of two weekends away from home. One of the highlights for me (and one of my few spare time breaks) was attending the Sunday evening service at Westminster Chapel when I arrived in London (this is the church that Martyn Lloyd-Jones and R.T. Kendell pastored). I always like to attend church if I’m away on a Sunday if possible so I had planned on attending Westminster Chapel. I attended Adrian Warnock’s Jubilee Church last year when I was in town and had visited the Metropolitan Tabernacle the previous year. It turns out that Westminster Chapel was next door to my hotel.
The sermon was given by Andrew Haslam, who is the son of the current Senior Minister, Greg Haslam. I enjoyed the service and the sermon. It was kind of odd (in a good sort of way) to see a contemporary worship band in a church with such traditional architecture. But the church seems to have a real desire to reach out to London.
The rest of the trip was really just work with the exception of going to Versailles in France the following Saturday. International travel really isn’t as exciting as it sounds.
Well the rest of this month and the first half of June figure to be pretty busy at work, but at least I’ll be at home and hopefully a little more regular in the blog world…

4 Responses

  1. I haven’t been there since April 2000, and I am so ready to make a return visit. My wife spent two months there working with a church during a summer in college, so she got to know a few people. It was actually my wife’s friend who got married, a daughter of a family with whom she stayed.

    We heard good things about the Pickled Onion, but never went there. Since I’m not Southern Baptist, I feel no guilt in telling you we ate at the Swizzle Inn on both visits and drank their most famous beverage – very potent!

  2. I stayed at the Hamilton Princess. That is where I usually stay though I have stayed at Elbow Beach once. I actually haven’t done much sightseeing there (though I’ve been five or six times), but I have been to quite a few restaurants. Portofino’s is very good.

    I actually like the Pickled Onion quite a bit. The atmosphere is a little more casual and relaxed. The Lobster Pot is also a good one with a more casual feel.

  3. I’ve been to Bermuda twice – on my honeymoon and to see a friend who lived there get married. Where did you stay? Did you eat at anyplace interesting? For both visits we stayed at Grotto Bay Beach Resort, located across from the big bridge that leads to the airport. Our favorite places to eat were Cafe Lido and Portofino’s.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip. It’s good to have you back brother.

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