The Reluctant Puritan Top 10


10. This is alright, but it would really be great if they would put some more money into their multimedia budget.

9. I love these small, intimate gatherings of Christians.

8. Did you read the new John Piper book?

7. Man, sometimes it’s really hard being a Christian.

6. What passage is the pastor teaching from today?

5. That’s weird. I drive down US-59 every day, and I’ve never noticed this church was here before.

4. Excuse me, could you tell me where the systematic theology class is being taught?

3. I was reading Charles Spurgeon the other day and…

2. It’s not about me.

And the number one least overheard comment/question at Lakewood Church in Houston…

1. Joel who?


One Response

  1. 11. “I’m your pastor, so stop by my office or call me at home anytime. And, let me know if you’re in the hospital – I’ll come visit.”

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