Ask The Reluctant Puritan

People seemed to be fascinated by advice columns, so I have decided to start one of my own. But since no one in their right mind would actually send me a letter asking for my advice, I’ve decided to steal letters from other advice columnists…


DEAR AMY RELUCTANT PURITAN: One morning my husband and I were on our way to work. We stopped at the local gas station. He filled the tank, and I went in to get some coffee. On my way out of the store with two cups of coffee, a man was approaching the door, so I held it long enough for him to put his hand on it and then went on my way.
When I got into the car, my hubby commented that I had probably embarrassed the man by holding the door for him.
I’m wondering if your male readers would help set me straight on what is acceptable as far as a woman holding a door for a man is concerned.
Should we or shouldn’t we? – Commonly Courteous

(See Amy’s answer here…)

DEAR COMMONLY COURTEOUS: What is this – 1950? Your husband needs to seriously look for some bigger things to worry about. Well, as a man who frequently has a baby in one hand and is pushing a stroller with the other, I can say that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if a 95-year-old woman held the door open for me. But you know what is really annoying? When you’re still like 50 feet away from the door and someone holds the door open and you feel obligated to walk faster so they won’t be standing there all day and…

But back to the subject – keep holding doors open for people. It’s a lot more polite than letting it slam in their face. But I’ll also open this up to my male and female readers. What do you think Courteous should do?

The Reluctant Puritan is Kevin Jones, a guy who has absolutely no experience or business giving advice to anyone. He hasn’t even earned a doctorate in a completely unrelated subject. Ask the Reluctant Puritan will appear erractically weekly on this webpage.


3 Responses

  1. I’m definitely sticking with rectify on this one…lol

  2. *stops rolling on the floor laughing long enough to post a response*

    Rectify or justify, Brother Hank??!!

  3. As much as I like to see a guy juggling a baby, if a woman wants to hold the door open for a man at a gas station, that should be her perogative. And if he has to buy a pack of Red Man, a copy of “Wild At Heart”, and a Nascar hat while he’s inside – just to rectify his manhood – then so be it…

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