Friday Saturday Night Blogtrotting

Items that have caught my eye during the week in the blogosphere…

J.D. Hatfield installed the preview function…

F. deSales was slain by the Benny Hinn video…

There has been a remarkable amount of controversy over the Francis Chan presentation of the Gospel (Just Stop and Think). You can read the whole thread at TeamPyro. Forgive me if I don’t give all the links here, but there are just so many, so if you want to invest the time to get up to speed, just go over there and read. I have refrained from commenting on it, and since Phil Johnson has asked for a cooling down period, I’ll wait to give my detailed opinion for a few more days. However, in summary, I agree with Frank and Dan Phillips and don’t agree with Steve Camp and James White. I thought the video was wonderful and, further, I have listed to four sermons by Pastor Francis the last week and thought they were all very biblical and powerful.

In short, I would say that if I were living in Southern California (may it never be), I would probably be attending Cornerstone Church – Simi Vally. Here is the video in case you haven’t seen it…

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