On the iPod…

I subscribe to a lot of podcasts (41 at last count). Obviously, I don’t have enough time to listen to them all, but I thought that I would give you a run down on my top picks and maybe introduce you to some new resources. I believe that most of the podcasts listed are on iTunes. However, feel free to leave a comment if you can’t find one and would like a link.

Podcasts that I Never Miss an Episode

DesiringGod Sermon Audio – John Piper. ‘Nuff said

Mars Hill Church – Mark Driscoll’s sermons. I love Mark’s preaching and his ministry.

The Village Church – At 32, Matt Chandler is perhaps the best preacher I have ever heard. If I could only listen to one podcast a week, this would be it.

Theology Unplugged – Theology discussed in a talk show format by Michael Patton and Rhome Dyck, both formerly pastors at Stonebriar Church in Frisco, TX.

Internet Monk Radio – Michael Spencer has some great insights. I don’t always agree, but I always enjoy listening to the broadcast.

Joel Osteen – Yeah, I’m serious. I’d be an idiot if I criticized him and never heard what he had to say, so now that I’m a regular listener…

Podcasts that I Would Like to Listen to More

Denton Bible Church – Tommy Nelson. I am listening to his series on Romans and this may move up into the never miss list.

Grace to You – John MacArthur

Truth for Life – Alistair Begg

Walk in the Word – James MacDonald

Cornerstone Simi Valley – Francis Chan. With all the hubbub lately, he sounds like a guy that I would like to listen to…


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