Do Me A Favor…

I read recently that the average blog has no (zero) readers, which makes me very thankful for all of you who stop by regularly. My various site meters and visit counter thingies tell me that I get about 30 visits a day. Some of you, I know and some I don’t. A while back before my blogging hiatus in what I affectionately call Reluctant Puritan 1.0, I posted, “Who Am I” to give you an idea of who I am (you can also see my Frequently Asked Questions page if you’re so inclined). But I really want to know who you are too.

So…I’m asking you to introduce yourself. If you stop by this site daily, or weekly, or once in awhile, please leave a comment to this post and let me know you’re there or whatever you want to say. If you prefer to remain anonymous, leave an anonymous note.

I’m going to leave a permanent link on my sidebar so this post is accessible. But please drop me a note. I really want to meet you – and, since I’ve gone out on a limb and posted this, I’m going to look really lame if no one responds…


14 Responses

  1. Hi Kevin,
    How are you doing? This is your Aunt Donna. I have been meaning to write you ever since Kim told me about your blog, but I never did. I really like to read it.
    Love you your Aunt Donna

  2. Chris, welcome. Hope to see you at church sometime.

  3. Hey my name is Chris Travis and i am a Masters College student who is the northcreek summer student ministires intern. Check out my blog trying to get my writings out there to be read for critique and affirmation so that hopefully someone will be encouraged.

  4. Yeah, snap bubbles are all the rage now. I like ’em good enough…

  5. So you guys think that the preview windows are irritating? I kind of thought that they were neat and helpful. But maybe that’s just the geek in me. I’ll keep them for a while, but if I get tired of them, maybe I’ll take them out…

  6. I agree – those pop up bubbles are sort of irritating… er… since I said I agree with ann, I should say those pup up bubbles are irritating, sort of.

    I drop by 4 times a week and enjoy your posts. I enjoy your humor and your tacky tuesday and video posts are my favorites.

  7. Hello!
    I admit I visit your blog only a few times a week, but enjoy reading it.
    I am a 45 yo mum of two boys, 9 yo and 4 yo, I am a Polish citizen living in Sweden with my Swedish husband. I teach English and computer science at a high school here.
    And – I became a Christian some 7 months ago, being a fierce atheist prior to that… With roots in Catholicism…
    So you never know about those atheists 😉

    Keep preaching!

    (those pop-up bubbles are irritating, sort of)

  8. My husband and I attend an E-free church currently; it used to be UCC, but they switched. I’ve just been surfing through Blogspot and ended up here somehow. Fight the good fight!

  9. Howdy Kev,

    Hank Balch here (aka Brother Hank), from the Journeymen in College Station, Tx. I can’t remember how I tracked your site down, but I think I visted once a while back, and bookmarked it for further investigation.

    Anyways, your title and Spurgeon quote roped me in, and your style and humor has kept me coming back.

    thanks for the inspiration and the laughs. i look forward to following RP in the days to come.


  10. Thanks, everyone. I’m hoping that other readers will leave a note here as well as they see this comment thread. Brian, we haven’t traded comments before, so it’s a pleasure to meet you.

    Jenny, I’m not your friend’s brother – I grew up a little farther South than Hayward (Los Gatos).

  11. I know Jeremy’s dad, through the blogosphere, and probably soon by face, as he pastors a church near my hometown, where my parents still live…I think that makes me important…

    I pastor a church on the West coast of Florida, about an hour north of Tampa and Orlando, and only about 50 miles from the University of Florida (Go Gators!!!)….

    I love Tacky Tuesday, and keep it up, since Marc (Purgatorio) is going on hiatus…

    I love blogging, post six days every week, and turn the posts into books, so I’m hoping my posts are as meaty as they are frequent…

    I come by every day, as I do for most of the bloggers I visit, even if only for a second, just to give them the hits…what a guy…everybody should help everybody else like that 🙂

  12. I read your blog in Bloglines. I only visit your site when I am ready to comment.
    I like long walks on the beach, talking by the fireplace, and cuddling under the stars.

  13. I’m a newcomer to and daily reader of your site. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago via a link on Know~Be~Do, whose owner pastors the church that used to house the high school from which I graduated. In fact, when I saw your name and hometown here, coupled with the link to Know~Be~Do, I wondered if you might be the younger brother of one of my classmates, Teresa Jones. But her brother, Kevin Jones, would be just a bit older than you–about 44, I think.

    I moved from California to Iowa in 1974 to attend Faith Baptist Bible College. Met my husband there. We’ve been married 30 years in May. Currently, he drives a semi for a living (he’d call it his excuse to share the Gospel with other truckers!). We are long-time fellowshippers in the Plymouth brethren assemblies. We worship with a small group of saints at Webster City, Iowa, where my husband frequently ministers the Word. I am a veteran Christian school teacher. I’m in my 5th year at Ames Christian School. I teach a variety of high school subjects, including foreign languages, history, literature, physics, biology, and computer skills. On our school website, if you click on “Classroom” and scroll down, you will find a dreadful picture of me and a link to my weekly newsletter.

    My colleague, Joel (also an FBBC alum), and I encourage each other on a number of different faith-related topics. He challenged me to read Desiring God by John Piper (I’m almost finished), while I challenged him to read The Green Letters (aka Principles of Spiritual Growth by Miles Stanford. He wants me next to read Don’t Waste Your Life (also Piper) as he uses it this semester with his 11/12th grade Bible class. I want him next to read Satan: His Methods and Motives by Lewis Sperry Chafer. Both of us are currently conversing about the topic of prayer and how to make our private and public prayers conform better to biblical thinking. Meanwhile, hubby is waiting eagerly for the release of MacArthur’s latest book, Truth Wars.

    When I’m not teaching school, you will usually find me on the ice at the local rink. I am an adult figure skater and a USFSA Learn-to-Skate instructor with the Ames Figure Skating Club.

    Keep up the good work here, Kevin. And please come visit my blog. It includes a link to Joel’s blog as well. BTW, he’s a lurker here. One of these days we might get him to add his two cents worth…..! 🙂


  14. Just thought I would do as I was told for a change. I try to stop by a couple times a week. I suppose I have a soft spot for other men with one wife and three kids. Keep up the good work. Glad to meet you.

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