And I Predict That In 2007, Pat Robertson Will Say Something Stupid

Fox News is reporting that Pat Robertson is predicting that there will be a horrific terrorist attack in the USA in late 2007 that will result in mass killing. It will be something like a nuclear attack, although apparently God didn’t use the word, “nuclear.” I think that maybe Pat just fell asleep watching Jericho.

To recap various Patisms over the last year or so, he called on the US to assasinate Hugo Chavez, claimed he could leg press 2,000 pounds, and predicted that the US would be hit by massive hurricanes (possibly a tsunami) in 2006. His last prediction, he claimed was partially true, because it did, in fact, rain in some parts of the US in 2006.

In all seriousness, Pat Robertson bugs me more than, say, Benny Hinn or Robert Tilton. I just don’t see Hinn or Tilton as even being on the same team as me. They’re just con men preying on people’s hopes and dreams. But Pat is different. He is on the same team (albeit at the far other end of the bench). He’s kind of like the crazy uncle that you can’t deny belongs to you.

Frank Turk has created a petition asking Pat to apologize and acknowledge publically his errors. I have signed it. I would ask you to at least read it here. If you agree sign it. Not sure how much good it will do, but it will make a statement…


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