Friday Night Blogtrotting

Items that have caught my eye during the week’s journey through the Blogosphere…

Michael Spencer hits the nail squarely on the head with his post on Christian consumerism. In my weekly “Tacky Tuesday” posts, I try to put the spotlight on some of the weirder and/or more offensive items being peddled to Christians…

Speaking of Christian consumerism, Tim Challies has started a weekly post called ChurchMerch examining items for sale to the Christian market. Just for the record, I have been doing “Tacky Tuesday” for a couple of months now, so I didn’t get the idea from Tim…:)

Frank Turk has a great post on Christians and art at the Pyromaniacs blog. It’s just kind of weird how bad evangelicals are at appreciating and creating good art (as evidenced by our inexplicable attraction to Thomas Kinkaide).


One Response

  1. But… but… I love old farm houses flooded with light! Isn’t that what Leonardo da Vinci would be painting, if he were still alive? No, wait, he’d be running around with Tom Hanks…

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