Tacky Tuesday

Featuring the finest gift items available in your nearest Christian megastore…

For this week, the Walk With Jesus Toe Ring. Be reminded of your walk with Jesus every time you need to count to twenty. Genuine solid sterling silver. One size fits all. Just $6.99.


4 Responses

  1. This is even worse than last week…toe rings disgust me in the first place (unnecessary, overly self indulgent adornment, IMO, yes, liberty, but come on now)…this makes me want to step on some toes for sure…actually, glad to see them linked here in this way, maybe someone will think twice about toe rings…BTW,no Pharisee here, wear the makeup, get the hair done, have nice clothes, but please, think about why you would want a thumb ring or toe ring, or nose piercing, why?

    (running away from stones)

  2. Thanks for the comments, Barbie. We’ll see you at NorthCreek. Be sure to say hi when you see us.

  3. Thanks for the great white elephant gift ideas!
    Barbie Csider

  4. Okay Reluctant Puritan, I was trying to do some research on the fallacies of The Prayer of Jabez and your blog came up for some reason. The funniest thing is, I looked at your page and guess what? You go to my church!! Funny huh? I frequently sit behind you and your “non-pregnant” wife. I hope the baby is doing well and that you had a great Christmas! I just ordered the Jesus toe ring-JK!! Barbie Csider, Concord, California-

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