Friday Night Blogtrotting

Items that have caught my eye during the week’s journey through the Blogosphere…

I’ve been out of town most of the week, so this will be a pretty short blogtrotting entry, but here are a couple of items…
Tim Challies discusses why he is not homeschooling his children (part 1, part 2). As we are preparing to send our first child to public school next year, it was good to hear Tim’s perspective…

Dan Kimball
has responded to John MacArthur’s letter about the emerging church. I’m not sure that Dan totally rebuts Dr. MacArthur’s concerns about the emerging church in general, but he makes some good points. I have been to Dan’s church and it certainly does not represent most (if any) of the more egregious emerging church examples that Dr. MacArthur cites…

Adrian Warnock and his wife are expecting their fifth child. Congratulations, Adrian!


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