Friday Night Blogtrotting

Items that have caught my eye during the week’s journey through the Blogosphere…

Matt Brown and Cindy Swanson link to 50 lingering questions for Lost fans…

Tim Challies reflects on his life as a twentysomething (part 1, part 2)…

Michael Patton writes a lovely tribute to his late sister…

Mark Driscoll continues to respond to criticism showing humility and perspective…

J. D. Hatfield discusses suffering and the Gospel of Affliction…


5 Responses

  1. Politically Correct Censorship?

    Here is a link to the KIRO News interview of the instigator of the protest against Pastor Driscoll. Judge for yourself:

  2. I thought I put it in, but realized I hadn’t. I’ve fixed it now, though. (Bad blogger! Bad blogger!)

  3. Thanks for the link…

  4. Thanks, Matt, I didn’t notice the link in your post.

    I have added the link to Cindy in mine also.

  5. Thanks for the link, Kevin, but you really need to credit Cindy Swanson for that – I found it from her site. I only put it on mine because several of my family members who love “Lost” read my site, but they wouldn’t necessarily visit Cindy’s and find it there.

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