California Elections

From Late Night with David Letterman – October 24, 2006…

Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Voting For Schwarzenegger
10. “Do I feel comfortable having a governor who oils his chest?”
9. “Have I thoroughly considered Stallone, Van Damme and Seagal?”
8. “Is ‘Come on, it’ll be funny’ a good reason to vote for someone?”
7. “Has he done enough to make California a laughingstock?”
6. “How can I be sure he’ll be just as Schwarzeneggy this time around?”
5. “Can I bench-press more today than I could three years ago?”
4. “What would Predator do?”
3. “Will he cut taxes on steroids?”
2. “He won’t embarrass us, will he?”
1. “Have I lost my mind?”


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