7 Sevens

I’ve been tagged by William Dicks to come up with seven lists of seven things about me.

Seven Movies that I love
1. Star Wars (all of them)
2. Star Trek (all of them, too)
3. The Matrix (only the first one)
4. The Iron Giant
5. Casablanca
6. The Apostle
7. The Lord of the Rings (all three, of course)

Seven Preacher/Teachers I admire
1. John Piper
2. John MacArthur
3. Alistair Begg
4. James MacDonald
5. R. C. Sproul
6. Chuck Swindoll
7. Jon McNeff

Seven Books that have influenced me
1. Desiring God (John Piper)
2. The Gospel According to Jesus (John MacArthur)
3. Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem)
4. Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)
5. Chosen by God (R. C. Sproul)
6. Lonesome Dove (Larry McMurtry)
7. Gilead (Marilynne Robinson)

Seven things that I won’t eat
1. Internal Organs
2. Sushi
3. Any other raw meat
4. Strawberries
5. Caviar
6. Peking Duck
7. Chicken feet

Seven places I’ve been that I wouldn’t recommend for your next vacation
1. Atyrau, Kazakhstan
2. Maracaibo, Venezuela
3. Safford, Arizona
4. Pascagoula, Mississippi
5. Yoesu, South Korea
6. Bakersfield, California
7. Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel, Hilo, Hawaii

Seven CD’s that I love
1. Johnny Cash – American Recordings IV
2. Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever
3. Alison Krauss & Union Station – New Favorite
4. John Hiatt – Stolen Moments
5. Russ Taff – The Way Home
6. Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay
7. Elvis Costello – Spike

Seven Favorite Memories
1. My Wedding
2. The birth of my son
3. The birth of my daughter
4. My first kiss with my future wife
5. Buying my first house
6. Going away to college
7. Meeting God in a powerful way

OK, so I guess I need to tag some other people. So if you’ve already been tagged, you can ignore this, but I’d like to see what Chris Meirose, Matt Brown and Kerry Gilliard would put on their lists.


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