What’s Next – The Playboy Bible?

At first I had hoped that this was a Phil Johnson type parody (except it’s not funny). But it’s real. It’s the new Refuel Biblezine featuring epic battles of the Old Testament promising stories of “Women that SEDUCE.”

I guess titillation is one way to attract teenage boys to read the Bible, but is it really appropriate? I suppose splashing pictures of naked women would also get some readers, but thankfully the publishers of these Biblezines haven’t thought of that yet.

Yes I realize that the Old Testament does indeed contain stories of “Women that Seduce,” but I just think that it is somewhat obscene to package the Bible this way. This is by far the worst that I’ve seen in the series thus far.

What do you think? Am I being overly critical? If you are as offended as I am, do me a favor. Post about this on your blog. Mabye if enough bloggers voice their concern, the publisher will get the message. Or, if you think I’m overreacting, let me know.

You know I really don’t want The Reluctant Puritan to become a negative blog. There are plenty of those around. And I promise to come up with some positive things to write about soon.

However, this has inspired me to write a short series of postings on some dangers that I see for the Church in the coming weeks. I’ll try to intersperse some positive things along the way.


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