On the iPod…

Well, I have two trips coming up in the next three weeks. I’m going to Dallas next week to visit my wife’s sister and her family. Then I’m back home for a week and off to Kazakhstan for a business trip.

So I think that I’m going to load up my iPod with sermons from some of the pastors that I’ve been blogging with lately. Here’s some guys who have sermons available on-line that I haven’t heard speak…

Phil Johnson (well, I actually have listened to one seminar Phil gave last year.)
James Spurgeon
Peter Bogert
Paul Lamey
Adrian Warnock

If any of you guys have suggestions on specific sermons of yours I should start with, please leave a note. Otherwise, I pick some at random.

Also, if anyone has general suggestions for listening material (I’ll have a LOT of airplane time going to and from Kazakhstan), please let me know.


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