Cry of the Blogosphere – An Epic Poem

Its influence grows in this postmodern age
Its heroes are brave; their sword – the webpage

I wrote as I ducked to be safe from the fight
at the Boar’s Head Tavern late last night

I visited Pyromaniac but left in despair
Because Phil Johnson didn’t link to me there

Frank Turk is quite witty, but doesn’t he know
That his site has a “zero” instead of an “o”?

Jonathan Moorhead’s a scholar, his writings profound
Modalists cower, with their heresies unwound

There’s Adrian Warnock, the Prince of the Blog
Writing from London, the city of fog

Andrew Jones is emerging, he’s also quite tall
Matt Brown is a pundit in the political squall

Steve Camp is a minstrel, a singer of songs
And also a herald, calling out tragic wrongs

I go to Peter Bogert, the wise bearded sage
His quest is to teach, a stronger church to engage

And, of course, there’s James Spurgeon with plenty to say
Helping IFBx’ers to escape from Bob Gray

Big Chris Meirose is friendly, a blogger most kind
A student, a pastor, with a heart for mankind

In Alabama, is Paul Lamey, a man of good cheer
He’s teaching in Russia, halfway ’round the sphere

And Justin Taylor, of course, caught between worlds is he
A blog most will visit, a blogger Marquis

Tim Challies is prolific, his blog is well known
His influence with bloggers has steadily grown

Then there’s the Reluctant Puritan, that’s me don’t you know
Of no great import, but still learning to grow

Well the verse grows stale, but I don’t know where to end
So I think I’ll just link to Phil Johnson again.


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