Annotated Blogroll

This posting gives a brief description of each blog on my blogroll and will be updated as new blogs are added. Some annotations still in progress…

Adrian Warnock – Probably tied with David Wayne as the nicest guy on the internet. Adrian is also one of the most popular Christian blogs. I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian and attending his church in London.

Chris Meirose – Chris is a seminary student, and has some great insight on current issues in the Church

David Wayne – David Wayne is a PCA pastor and probably one of the nicest people in the blogosphere.

Fide-O – A group blog mixing sound theology and good humor.

Frank Turk – Usually informative, and always entertaining.

Jeremy Weaver

Jonathan Moorhead – Jonathan Moorhead’s excellent blog. Jonathan is a doctoral student at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Justin Taylor – This is the blog of Justin Taylor, who formerly worked for Desiring God (John Piper’s ministry). Great links on current events in politics and theological issues.

Kerry Gilliard – A great blog written from an astute budding apologist

Mark Driscoll

Matt Brown – Matt Brown’s blog. Great insights on current events

Matt Chandler

Matt Gumm

Michael Spencer – I don’t alway agree with what he says (though I often do), but I appreciate his honesty, courage, and integrity.

Peter Bogert – Peter Bogert is a pastor in Pennsylvania. He has some great observations and insight.

Pyromaniacs – Phil Johnson’s group blog. Of course this one makes my list. Has become one of the favorite “hang out” spots for Christian bloggers.

Tim Challies – One of the best blogs on the internet. Between his book reviews and insightful articles, this is one to read every day.


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