Focus on Politics

Matt Brown at Swinebass recently posted an interesting note on Focus on the Family. It seems that Focus is now taking a position that Global Warming is “junk science.” Now I’ll admit that I’m not a huge James Dobson fan, but I have appreciated the ministry of Focus on the Family over the years. But I have trouble understanding what Global Warming has to do with family values.

I’m not a scientist, and I’ll be the first to admit that I have no credible opinion on whether or not Global Warming is a serious issue or not. But that’s not my point. This is just not a “Family Values” type issue. It is little more than uncritical support for Republican Party politics.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a Republican. I believe politically, that the GOP is right more often than wrong. But I am a Christian first. And I am concerned that some Evangelical groups are blurring the line between the Republican Party and the Church. It’s not just Focus. I think of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and a number of others.

I’m reminded of an initiative in California several years ago to increase the taxes on cigarettes. The Republican Party strongly opposed this measure. Shortly before the vote, I received a voting guide from a Christian Family Values group (not Focus) that included a recommended “No” vote on that measure. To this day, I still can’t quite figure out how discouraging smoking runs contrary to family values.


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