Random thoughts on Blogging

I’ve had this blog for about a month now. So I have a few random thoughts on the general blogging experience.

1. I think I’ll keep going for awhile. I have a few more specific things that I want to blog on, but haven’t had the time to coherently put my thoughts together on them. So stay tuned. But…

2. I’m kind of getting tired of it (which is probably a good thing). I also have a wife, two kids, a job, and some other things I want to do. So I need to keep those priorities in perspective while keeping up with my blog.

3. There’s a real danger of being misunderstood (which can be aided by poorly worded posts). I’ve looked at comments that I’ve made in some blogs, and realized that I did a very poor job of expressing myself. But, on the flip side, blogging gives you a great opportunity to improve your skills at writing concisely and accurately.

4. I’ve met a lot of really nice people through the blogosphere. Thanks to all of you who have visited my site and took the time to make comments. I appreciate knowing that your out there, and that we share a faith that is bigger than anything this world can offer.

5. It’s just as important for me (perhaps more important) to visit other blogs as it is to spend time on mine.


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