To blog or …

The internet is a dangerous place. I don’t just mean in the obvious ways, the predators waiting to take advantage of the vulnerable and naive or the intrusive programs waiting to download themselves onto my computer. There is a danger in a much more basic sense, the danger of being misunderstood.

There is a road rage of sorts on the information superhighway. People are willing to write things in a tone that they might hesitate to use in a face to face dialogue. And words written on a short posting cannot convey the nuances of conversation, and can appear to be cold and dogmatic. So it is with some trepidation that I begin this blog. I hope and pray that my comments will never be taken as harsh or unloving.

I take the title of the blog, “The Reluctant Puritan” as a reflection of my own faith journey. I really wanted to be an Arminian. I thought of my world as a place in which I held the ultimate control for my destiny, both temporal and eternal. But I have become convinced of God’s sovereignty, that it is only by God’s grace that I can be saved. While not overly dramatic, my struggles with this concept and the awakening to these truths are possibly the subject for a future posting so I will defer that discussion for now.

I don’t plan to be a prolific blogger, but I hope to share what’s on my mind from time to time. My hope is to present my views with clarity and conviction, but not with spite or malice.

soli Deo gloria


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